Open edX Ecommerce

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Get Ecommerce working on your Open edX native build. This post is a supplement to the official documentation, “How to Install and Start the E-Commerce Service in Native Installations”, covering installation and configuration, Django configuration, Nginx considerations, and PayPal integration.

Upgrading Open edX

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Learn how to safely upgrade your Open edX installation to the most recent version. This detailed how-to walks you thru backing up, preparing your environment, and how to trouble-shoot common upgrade-related issues.

Example Open edX lms.env.json

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This is a sample configuration file for a hypothetical organization named Surf School. And no, there is not an Xblock to simulate surfing! This sample demonstrates which URLs you should, and should not modify when setting your fully-qualified domain name. You can also use this file as a reference to better understand which parameters should