Tutor Open edX 1-Click Installation Guide

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Tutor for Docker simplifies the process of getting an Open edX installation up and running. If you are installing Open edX for evaluation purposes, or if your installation will support less than say, 1,000 learners, then you should seriously consider using Tutor to install the platform rather than using the

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How To Change the Open edX Logo

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Maybe you’re like me. On my first Open edX platform I thought, “how difficult could it be?”. Well, pretty difficult. the Open edX UI is complicated for several reasons, and until you understand a few basic principals any modification, no matter how minor, will be a challenge. But with this

Open edX Sandbox to Production In 10 Steps

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The official Native Open edX Ubuntu 16.04 64 bit Installation guide frankly states that “Setting up production configurations is beyond the scope of this wiki page.” So what exactly is the difference between the sandbox installation described in the official documentation, versus a true production installation? Let’s find out.

Open edX Troubleshooting Guide

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Open edX is a remarkably stable platform, but if you’re having problems with your instance then hopefully this troubleshooting guide will help. This is a collection of the configuration and maintenance related problems that I routinely encounter, along with the prescriptive measures with which I’ve had the most success.

Open edX Custom Theming Tutorial

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With comprehensive theming you can completely customize the look & feel of your Open edX instance while also protecting your customizations from being overwritten by future platform upgrades. This tutorial will help you get started on the most common theming tasks like a custom header, footer, logo and adding your

Setup SMTP Email on Open edX

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With Open edX Ginkgo, integrating an SMTP email account like Google’s Gmail is as simple as setting a few parameter values in the four JSON configuration files for the LMS and Course Management Studio, each of which are located in /edx/app/edxapp/. Get SMTP email working on your Open edX instance in

How Much Does Open edX Cost?

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Open edX is the industry-leading open source online learning management platform, but how much does it cost to setup and operate? The good news is that Open edX is a platform that can fit into most budgets, even while you’re trying to figure out your needs and requirements. Lets take