July 2018

Enemy At The Gates

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In a matter of seconds blockchain hackers had launched more than three hundred EC2 instances in my AWS account; a breach that endured less than five minutes in aggregate but enabled them to steal more than three thousand dollars in computing resources at my expense.

June 2018

Setup SMTP Email on Open edX

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With Open edX Ginkgo, integrating an SMTP email account like Google’s Gmail is as simple as setting a few parameter values in the four JSON configuration files for the LMS and Course Management Studio, each of which are located in /edx/app/edxapp/. Get SMTP email working on your Open edX instance in

How Much Does Open edX Cost?

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Open edX is the industry-leading open source online learning management platform, but how much does it cost to setup and operate? The good news is that Open edX is a platform that can fit into most budgets, even while you’re trying to figure out your needs and requirements. Lets take

May 2018

April 2018

Open edX Ecommerce

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Get Ecommerce working on your Open edX native build. This post is a supplement to the official documentation, “How to Install and Start the E-Commerce Service in Native Installations”, covering installation and configuration, Django configuration, Nginx considerations, and PayPal integration.

Upgrading Open edX

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Learn how to safely upgrade your Open edX installation to the most recent version. This detailed how-to walks you thru backing up, preparing your environment, and how to trouble-shoot common upgrade-related issues.

March 2018